Our housings and their respective bearings form bearing units which have proven themselves in machines, plant and other equipment.
Bearing housings are usually made of cast iron, on request we can deliver housings in cast steel and nodular graphite cast iron. As the bearings are usually lubricated with grease, and this first lubrication holds for quite a while, most housings don’t have re-lubrication holes. There are however, gates or markings present, so that lubrication holes can be fitted if necessary. When re-lubricating, it must be ensured that excess lubricant can escape.
The bearing seating points in the housings are usually machined so that the bearings are movable, so they function as floating bearings. Fixed bearings are achieved by inserting fixing rings, if these are listed in the table. Fixing rings must be ordered separately. Housings without fixing rings are delivered as floating bearing models (L) or fixed bearing models (F).
In order to seal the bearing housings, depending on the operating conditions, contact seals, non-contact seals and combinations of these are available, please refer to the diagram.